Villa Semeli

An ideal destination for safe and relaxing holidays!

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Villa Semeli

Welcome / Καλώς ήλθατε!

Semeli in the Greek mythology, was the mother of Bacchus, and one of the four daughters of Harmony, the daughter of Venus and Mars. Amidst the beauty of the magnificent landscape of the Greek island of Samos and the harmony of this natural paradise, emerges “Villa Semeli”.

The strict selection of materials and the privileged view from the villa, gives a feeling of home intimacy, comfort, exceptional quality and relaxation for the whole family.

Sense of familiarity and hospitality.

“Villa Semeli” is here to offer an unparalleled holiday experience, fantastic accommodation at a beautiful location near the sea. The villa is surrounded by a wonderful 2 acre garden full of trees and flowers creating a relaxed atmosphere and offering a breath of fresh air.

“This is a magical place in the island of Samos”

Our Location.

In the beautiful island of Samos there is an area called “Kalami”, that is located 800 meters from the Capital.  There, on the top of the hill you can find the beautiful “Villa Semeli” with a spectacular view of the archipelagos  and the

famous romantic sunsets of Samos island. Our place is ideal for those wanting quiet, romantic and safe vacations, 150 meters from the picturesque beach of “Gagou”.

Respect for beauty and comfort.

"Villa Semeli" is a traditional renovated neo-classical building with fully equipped apartments, and beautiful public areas.

It has single and double bedroom apartments comprising of a spacious living room, bedroom, WC, bathroom and kitchen. The apartments are spacious and bright. All apartments have modern amenities and traditional decoration.

Magnificent view of the sea!

Fully equipped rooms

Safe and relaxing holidays

150 meters from the beach

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