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The archaeological site of the temple of Hera is located in  the South East coast of Samos, about 6 km from the ancient city of Pythagorion. The temple was the center of worshiping and the artistic life of the island.

Historic sites and monuments of Samos

Samos flourished until the beginning of the Archaic period, when it was put under the suzerainty of Athens of Pericles. It was then colonized in the late second millennium by Ionian settlers who were expelled from Peloponnesus and who apparently brought with them the cult of Hera worshiping from Argos. In fact this is also refered in the myth according to which the Argonauts brought a wooden statue of Hera in Samos. “Iraio” of Samos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Ionia, both for the importance it had in its heyday with the constant building development, and for its unique findings. It is also a major attraction for tourists and visitors, coupled with its excellent tourist infrastructure and the natural beauty of the site, it has contributed to the wider economic development of the region.

The Pythagorion Archaeological Collection

The Temple of Hera - “Iraio”

Samos was inhabited from the third millennium, but until the sixth century, there are only traditions and myths available to us, that speak of the glory of the island in the old days. Samos was the center of the Ionian civilization and a great naval and commercial power. When Polycrates was governor of the island, Samos became a very important centre of the Ionian culture, displaying masterpieces and significant monuments such as the Eupalinos tunnel, the temple of Hera, theatres, palaces and more.

The Pythagorion Archaeological Collection is located in a small picturesque square area behind the main harbour and hosts minimal exhibits . The old museum is now closed for visitors and a transfer of the artifacts to a new location is

underway. The new museum has been built close to the excavated archaeological site, where uncovered remains can be still viewed, such as ordinary homes, Roman villas with mosaic floors, paved roads and a basilica church.

The “Eupalinian” Ditch

The Eupalinos tunnel is an insurmountable work in the history of engineering and it proves the deep knowledge of Greek engineers in applied geometry and topography in ancient Greece before the 6th century.

Located in the tourist resort of Pythagorion, 12 km from “Vathy”, the capital of Samos was the ancient capital of the island. Today is one of the most famous archaeological sites of Samos and attracts thousands of tourists.

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